Monday, January 21, 2008

What's Your Answer?

Several years ago in preparing for a Sunday school (Bible study) class I thought that people needed to know what their faith consisted of for themselves so I prepared questions that I hoped would help them. So many hold beliefs that were planted in them over the years but since that time had not grown to be fully and completely their own, and if you don't know what or why you believe what you do, you will become an easy target for those trying to get you to embrace what they are selling. These are most assuredly not all the questions one should ask themselves, but maybe they will help you to begin your maturing in the faith. (some of these are trick questions!!!)

1. Is heavenly residence based on doing enough good to outweigh the bad in your life?
Do you feel that you are "better" than most, if so..... do you win???

2. Do you recall when you came to know what you believe to be true??? (i.e., Adam & Eve, Noah's Ark, Virgin birth etc.)

3. How would you view yourself if you were looking through God's eyes?

4. It has been said that conscience attaches itself to the highest standard that we know. Is your moral standard your moral standard or is it God's? There is a difference, each of us must figure this out.....

5. Do you know someone that through them you have been blessed? Is it your desire to be that for someone else? As Christians we have most certainly been blessed by Jesus Christ, do others see that relationship in you????

6. Is there a particular sin in your life that you refuse to give up? Do you think that when you defend yourself before or to God He understands and relents to your position..... or does it damage your relationship with Him?

7. If belief = commitment, do you believe???

8 Do you feel incomplete because you have not been called to a "special" work or calling??? (Remember God calls us to be special where we are... cause we certainly can't where we aren't!)

9. Does God forgive without our asking for His forgiveness? Do we forgive someone else before they ask us???

10. It is said that the early Puritans use to pray for "the gift of tears" which is the expression given to the gift of repentance. Have you experienced that gift? Does this need to be public?

May I suggest The Way to Wholeness by the late Dr. Ray Stedman. After reading Dr. Stedman's work, take the quiz again. See which questions you might answer differently.

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